Travertine Restoration & Repair

Similar to limestone in appearance, travertine is much denser and more durable but no less easy to clean and restore.

Although more reliable and stronger than limestone, travertine has natural air pockets that run throughout the stone. This makes the stone rather brittle and fractures can form if it is not looked after and maintained.

Whatever travertine surface you have, whether floor, worktop or wall tile, our experienced and highly skilled cleaners will bring back its shine quickly and effectively.

Before any part of the cleaning process can begin, we will inspect the air pockets that may have opened and developed on your travertine. Applied at the same time as the initial deep cleaning stage, our 2 part cleaning compound will fill any large holes that may have developed.

Like all our other stone cleaning and restoration services, we will use a variety of diamond abrasive products and pads to grind away the surface layer to leave a smooth and even surface. Not only will this look great, it will also be free of scratches, stains and scuff marks.

The final stage of the travertine cleaning process is the polishing of the surface using a specialised diamond abrasive pad. This will create a perfectly smooth surface and an attractive and stylish looking floor, wall tile or worktop.

We provide the finest and most competitively priced travertine cleaning and restoration services to commercial customers across Manchester, Bolton, Oldham, Liverpool, Altrincham, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Macclesfield, Mobberley, Chester, Wrexham, Northwich, Wigan, Central Manchester, Salford & parts of Lancashire.

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